Emma Beko and Gabrielle Godon met when they were 9 and have shared their passion for music and dance – especially hip-hop and rap culture – ever since.

They decided to come together to play and record “something”, which turned out to be their first EP (titled Debut EP), released in April 2011. Gabrielle’s magnificent voice and Emma’s recognizable rap skills complement each other beautifully. Their lyrics give a fresh outlook on things, not to mention being relatable and down to earth. Their music definitely sets itself apart as a unique sound for hip-hop. The lethal mix of these two girls has grown into what we know today as Heart Streets.

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19 Jul 2014 Heart Streets Montreal, Quebec ( CA ) CultMTL CultMTL


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The 2013 EP “Beats, Blunts and Broads” by Montreal female rap duo Heart Streets is both smooth and edgy in a four-track EP that is larger than life.

It’s incredibly shocking that the record clocks in at only about fifteen minutes. For such a small little mix, the record is jam-packed and stupendously produced, a lethal one-two punch that drives this record over-the-top and leaving the listener breathless. The cover art is quite ballin’ too. Indeed, this is a stylish record inside and out.

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