In 2011, through the serendipitous meeting with Nathan Balaga and Andre Milton, the longtime friends decided to do “something” of what they’ve been doing: mixing the soulful voice of Gabrielle with the raspy rapping of Emma; their first EP was born.

POP Montreal, M for Montreal, opening for Radio Radio at the Metropolis or Bran Van 3000 at l’Olympia; shows after shows, the venues gets more crowded and Heart Streets gains more confidence.

In 2012, the group decides to release new singles for their fans demanding for more: “Nonchalant” and “Collision”; two songs that went viral in a few weeks.

While they spent time collaborating to different projects, with diverse artists, such as LOL Boys on the hit “Changes”, Heart Streets finally decided that it was time for them to release their second EP in 2013, Beats, Blunts & Broads.

“Naming this EP Beats, Blunts & Broads was a way of representing ourselves. It’s basically what we are. It sounds nice and it’s in “San Franciso knights” by People Under The Stairs, a song that we both love.”

The group released the first single of this EP on Valentine’s Day: “Head Down High”. Hoping to start touring nationwide and in Europe, Heart Streets is ready to show the world that there’s still something new to bring to the music industry.


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The 2013 EP “Beats, Blunts and Broads” by Montreal female rap duo Heart Streets is both smooth and edgy in a four-track EP that is larger than life.

It’s incredibly shocking that the record clocks in at only about fifteen minutes. For such a small little mix, the record is jam-packed and stupendously produced, a lethal one-two punch that drives this record over-the-top and leaving the listener breathless. The cover art is quite ballin’ too. Indeed, this is a stylish record inside and out.

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